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This topic has been raised two times. I want to add my own experience. I am a dedicated Sumatra pdf user for a very long time and never experienced any problems.

But now out of the blue I get the warning that I want to open with admin rights a non admin process. I tried to repair it with a new install as was mentioned before. It did not help much. Now I get the error message when clicking on a downloaded pdf that the document not exists!

I could not do anything else but to return to adobe.


The blocking of mismatch of 64 and 32 processes or admin and non admin processes is more common in windows 10 security and going forwards I presume win 11

As seen in the forum it is apps like “Everything” or alternative explorer apps that tend to run in different contexts, especially when SumatraPDF may be using installed system enhancements like indexing which is generally not often used.

A portable “uninstalled” SumatraPDF is likely to encounter less blocking by Windows security so that is the first suggestion