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I’m new to SumatraPDF which seems to be an excellent program but I have been unable to determine how I can place a new bookmark in a EPUB book. Would appreciate your inputs. Best, Poul


SumatraPDF reader as a viewing application does not attempt to alter the source (except for adding annotation to pdf) thus epub bookmarks need to be in the original.

In the Fixed User Interface (non reflowing) There is the option to add favorite pages for future return as reference

Similar with PDF However in recent pre-release versions there is work in progress for virtual bookmarked PDF files where you can build your own bookmark files. Those can span multiple documents

Here I printed the epub to pdf and can add my own bookmarks manually

The same file can be used with a very minor edit for the ePub thus adding External Bookmarks as desired, however it would be best to use a dedicated ePub editor