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Some books are extremely pixelated, making their readability suffer. Compare the original version of the page to the xBR upscaled version.

While it isn’t perfect it is much easier to read the second one. But the program I used, Image Resizer doesn’t have an easily accessible way of bulk resizing images. Could you add algorithmic image upscaling like xBR (like in Retroarch)?


Not the developer but your request to add that type of image bluring is likely to either slow down every normal page read or need a slow page by page option just for a few badly scanned images it is best done as you suggest in bulk image programs and you can blur the pixels like this sample for all pages in batch mode

However as you are happy with xBR and that app is easily command line driven

I suggest it should be fairly simple to write a one line command to process all files in a sub folder for just that one type see examples ask in their forum or a command line forum how to alter

ImageResizer /load image_in.bmp /resize auto “XBR 3x(2,thresholds=0,vbounds=wrap)” /save imageout.png

to your required usage for a folder full of files