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I’ve tried a couple of different ways to open a PDF file from the context menu with “open with SumatraPDF”, but they all seem to call up the m$ menu that says “How do you want to open this pdf file?” that forces me to choose the app from their menu. Lots of extra keystrokes.

I have differing needs. Sometimes I need Abobe, sometimes Irfanview, and sometimes Sumatra (love the bookmarks!). Both Sumatra and Irfanview call up that windows app screen to choose from.
Any ideas?


If you dont want SumatraPDF as default but want the ability to easily “open with” then I use the send to folder for shortcuts and that gives me several choices in just two clicks 1st > “Send to” then 2nd is my choice.

Find you personal SendTo folder (%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo) and copy shortcuts into it, you will see from above, that I also have a send to SendTo :slight_smile: so I can “send” new shortcuts or overwrite those that I keep changing daily.

Same as drag and drop onto a desktop shortcut I can send multiple files.


How you had created such menu items?


There are many ways to build “SendTo” my preference is auto-hide toolbars there are 4 edges to a screen so I keep main task bar on bottom and use others in SumatraPDF like this Open current file in other apps but its overkill for most users.

Your question is about my Windows SendTo ?

cmd>explorer %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo


To make life easier just do SendTo SendTo once