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Home / Add cancel on exit - annotation warning [Fixed in 3.4.14057]


Currently when there are unsaved annotations, on attempting to close the pdf an annotation warning will pop up.


The three options do as described in the manual but the exit (X) button in the top right will also discard the changes. This is at odds with “save” dialogs in other programs. Typically, closing the save warning by clicking the X should abort the close entirely putting the user back in control of the program.

I’ve had it happen once or twice where I am about to close Sumatra and I get an annotation warning without remembering what I have annotated. My first instinct is to close the dialog so that I can find out what I have done and save the file as necessary. But on closing the warning, Sumatra instead closes and discards the annotations making me lose my work.

I propose either a) have the X abort the closing of Sumatra to conform with other programs that have similar prompts or b) removing the X entirely since it’s functionality is redundant currently.


Already Raised (and now closed) as


Got it thanks! Forgot to check the github issues after searching the forums.


Issue now Closed in latest pre-release 3.4.14057



Tried it out, works great!