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Home / Add ability to collapse all bookmark elements at the same level and their descendants


Might author creates the “collapse all elements the same level and descendents” feature?



As the Manual page of this forum states, the daily and pre-release builds include the ability to use Shift+/ to collapse all tree items. I guess that ought to suffice.


I think that collapsing all the elements the same level is the best way.
if i don’t want to collapse all elements 1ts lvl!? I want to collapse only all element 3th level!?

if have I a 1000 element of bookmark different level? for example 10 levels.

p.s. feature “go to bookmark” on the sidebar?


Did you try Shift+Enter as well?

Personally I think this is a very niche feature that’s unlikely to be implemented, but like I said in your other thread, feel free to create an issue for it on GitHub and maybe the dev will agree to implement it.