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As you know, I did the whole Brazilian Portuguese translation (with the exception, as far as I know, of six entries). However, that was done way before the use of the apptranslator system, when the entries used to be edited in a text file and sent by email.

The apptranslator says that “pontocinza made the following 58 translations”. That’s wrong… I did more than 300 translations (including of course the nowadays “unused strings”). Could you please correct the credits?

Thank you (and thanks again for Sumatra PDF).


I apologize for the inaccuracy but unfortunately the translations made before apptranslator are not attributed to anyone. They were merely imported into apptranslator.

I have no way of updating those counts to reflect pre-apptranslator contributions.


No problem!

I noticed this issue since the implementation of the apptranslator, but I didn’t care too much.

Suddenly I realized that I could be accused, in the future, of appropriation… of my own work. That would be totally unfair and very unpleasant. Beside that, I’m proud of my small contribution to this wonderful project and I don’t see nothing wrong in receiving the proper credits.

A print screen of this conversation in my blog will suffice. Case closed.