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I absolutely love SumatraPDF. It’s SO MUCH better than Acrobat Reader! Way smaller and faster program! THANK YOU so much for making it!

There are just a few features I wish it had…

Main requests

  1. Ability to draw a selection to zoom. That’s something I use a lot.

  2. Larger toolbar/buttons. IMHO it is really too small.

Other (less important) requests

  1. Ability to change the main background color. (I’d like to make it a darker grey.)

  2. File Properties should show a list of contained fonts. That’s something I use a lot.

Finally, I think the program really needs a real logo and icon. I’m a designer and would be happy to contribute something if you like?


Existing issues on GitHub:

1. Ability to draw a selection to zoom:

2. Larger toolbar/buttons:

However there is a workaround as mentioned here, which involves creating your own toolbar_11.bmp bitmap image with larger icons and placing it in the same folder as SumatraPDF-settings.txt.

3. Ability to change the main background color: Already possible! Just edit SumatraPDF-settings.txt and modify the BackgroundColor RGB values for FixedPageUI and EbookUI to whatever you want.

4. File Properties should show a list of contained fonts: No idea why this extremely useful feature from Zeniko’s dev builds has never been included in the stable releases. :frowning:


Thanks for your answers Peter. It seems as though these feature requests were made many years ago and still haven’t been implemented, which is disappointing as it suggests it may never be done. I also wonder if the developers ever actually read these forums? I offered to design a logo above, but no response to my offer.


Yes James, the issues and feature requests have indeed been piling up on GitHub for years now. You can read my thoughts about it here.

Yes, the developer (@kjk) is active on these forums and does respond to queries himself from time to time.

Thanks for the offer! I suggest that you go through the discussion in the following issue and if you’re still interested, chime in with your thoughts/design ideas/sketches etc. there:


Thanks for the answers, Peter.

Like the author, I am busy too. I guess we all are. But I will chime in on the GitHub thread as you suggested. The current icon really bugs me as the text is illegible and it doesn’t look at all professional.


James if it is your desire/need to change the Icon as seen in windows explorer there are “resource hacker” apps that allow you to replace the internal icons. It would change the integrity of the file signature but should not affect security status or usage. I am only suggesting that as a potential solution to your current need.

Alternatively you can change icons at system level
A respected tool is and a good guide at


Tbh, I really like the small, minimalist UI. If icons are made larger, I hope their size can be customized back to a discreet size.