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I’ve released version 3.3 of SumatraPDF.

You can download it from Download Sumatra PDF - a free reader

What’s new:

  • added support for adding / removing / editing annotations in PDF files. Read the tutorial
  • new toolbar
    • changed toolbar to scale with DPI by using new, vector icons
    • added rotate left / right to the toolbar
    • new toolbar:
  • added ability to hide scrollbar (more screen space for the document). Use right-click context menu.
  • add -paperkind=${num} printing option (checkin)

Minor improvements and bug-fixes::

  • advanced setting to change font size in bookmarks / favorites tree view e.g. TreeFontSize = 12
  • support newer versions of ghostscript (≥ 9.54) for opening .ps files
  • support jpeg-xr images in .xps files
  • restore tooltips (regression in 3.2)
  • update mupdf to latest version
  • make silent installation always silent
  • don’t crash when attempting to zoom in on home page
  • don’t show “manga” view menu item for documents that are not comic books
  • allow opening files (#1657)
  • restore ability to save embedded files (fixes #1557)
  • Alt + Space opens a sys menu

Version history is also at Version history