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10 [Frequently Read] files

  1. What’s the algorithm used ? — ( Total views , with emphasis on the recent ones )?

  2. Can i change the algorithm used ? – ( i think i want LESS emphasis on the recent ones )

  3. Is there documentation for this ?


The sequence is not strictly only one block of code as is based on seperate variables and their values but in rough terms I suspect the order is

Has user file got set remember opened files to true
Are there any set to pinned if so show those first
Are there any stored as favorites then add those next
Have we reached as many as can be shown from 1-0 keys if so stop looking
If number shown is less than the number possible to be shown in visible matrix up to 9 (3x3) or 10 (2x5 or 5x2) are there others that can be shown if so add those until total=10

You ask how they are ranked per group and since that’s the frequency table it should be based on the OpenCount = # value