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Support ReactOS!

Hello team,
I have seen Windows XP support has been dropped as of 3.2. Is that because of lack of MS support for that OS? If that´s the point, there is an OS which is being developed to substitute XP/2003 , it´s Open Source and you may still support it!


Thank you in advance!

P.S.: Yes, i contribute translating and testing that OS :slight_smile:

I think the problem was related to a point at which there was a failure to compile VS2019 with legacy 32bit systems. (unsure at which commit it failed)

For hints to restore XP directives were only removed 2 weeks ago in

If you can try compiling current builds on reactos and succeed then you may be on to a winner as the native PDF application.

well a 64-bit ReactOS version is ongoing as well :slight_smile:

you could try the 32bit pre-release portable and report any failings