Suggestions for PDF reader + site [add your WISHED for features here]



I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. For the SumatraPDF reader: When right-clicking a page in the ToC bar on the left, add a “Save to PDF” option

  2. For this forum: Add a “Suggestion for app” item, so users can easily add… suggestions.


Increasing cache of page
Outlook Preview
Supporting Layer
Add an HTML file viewer
How to increase time of display of notes?



As a social experiment in reducing the “WISHES” topics amongst requests for assistance
I have pinned your suggested topic header for the rest of this month (April)

the best location for raising requests per documentation is

"Found a bug? Have feature request? Use issue tracker . "


Add an HTML file viewer, just like it does with a CHM file.


Is there a way to have Outlook use Sumatra as a previewer to display in the message window?


i love sumatra PDF and use it as often i can, but only thing we missed…
Is there any plan’s to support Layer?
most of our PDF’s need this functionality

many thanks for all great work :slight_smile:


How to increase time of display of notes?

Moderator comment: I presume this is a wish to increase the time that a comment is visible


There is a problem - is it possible to increase the cache of paged pages in RAM? It is absolutely impossible to work with large documents, you have to wait for 8-10 seconds to load the page
Is such a possibility being realized in the future or is it already implemented but I do not know about this possibility now?