Silent uninstall does not work - workaround available

With the latest release 3.2, the uninstall.exe is no longer available within the installation path.
Instead, the uninstallation is now kicked off by starting SumatraPDF.exe -uninstall. This brings up a prompt which cannot be suppressed.

Could you please change the built-in -uninstall routine to accept the -silent parameter (which is now available for some printing options only)?

As a workaround, it is possible to copy the old uninstall.exe from version 3.1.2 to the installation path and start it from there with the /S parameter.

That might work, but may not handle new locations of settings file, debug symbols (if downloaded) etc. Best to have the program itself updated so that it fully respects the silent switch when it runs both its install and uninstall routines.

The work-around won’t work.

The prompt is Windows elevation prompt. The uninstaller must run as an elevated process in order to remove registry entries.

If the Windows elevation prompt is indeed what is being talked about here, then I fail to understand why @magl8 says that the 3.1.2 uninstaller didn’t display the same?