Show a filename tool tip (pop up) on tab mouse hover


Show a filename tool tip (pop up) on tab mouse hover.

Having multiple .pdfs opened makes the filenames to be clipped in the corresponding tabs on the title bar.

It would be nice to have a feature that hovering a mouse cursor over the specific tab shows a tool tip with a filename of the file that is opened in that particular tab.


Not long till it’ll be the third anniversary of my requesting this:

Hopefully some day…


It’s a year later, is it possible to add this? It would be nice to see what the tabs say I imagine it shouldn’t be more difficult than copying the code that does it for the menu buttons and telling it to get the text from the tab title.


Of course it would be nice and of course it is possible. However as with lots of other niggling issues, the required code may or may not be that simple but the problem is that there seems to be no-one with the time or motivation to actually write it. The primary (and sole) dev is not that active anymore and outside contributions are few and far between. So really, there’s nothing to be done here except see the open bug reports and feature requests for this fine FOSS project multiply in number, which makes me a bit sad…


I think the code may have already been pencilled in (class TabItemInfo )
I think the issue is where to hook it into e.g. a tab or key related action