Select text line by double-clicking on it


Hello, I’ve just installed your software and I can’t seem to be able to highlight a whole line of text by double-clicking on it. If I double-click on the text I’m only able to select that word.

I have tried:

  1. Checking with different .pdf files from various sources.
  2. Read through the advanced settings page.

But, I can seem to find a setting for this.

Thank you for your time.


That’s correct double clicking will stop at the first “space” or non alpha character in each direction thus only a word (or part), otherwise it would not know if to stop at comma, sentence, paragraph, page or document. Some browser applications will only go forward to end of line or select the whole multi paragraph entry, Editors like WordPad often select the whole line.
If you want to select the phrase, line, paragraph etc. in SumatraPDF you need to hold down the left key from the start to the end of your choice. you can use the control key with left mouse to select any rectangular graphic area.


It is very common to allow the same action with double click and drag as works with click and drag, but it selects whole words. I continually find myself trying to do this with PDF documents only to find I’ve only selected a single word and the drag does nothing.

Why not work like the majority of programs and support double click and drag?