Save page(s) as picture(s)


I sometimes need to save one or more pages as pictures.

Currently, it seems like the only way is to install a PDF “printer”, and print pages.

It’d be great if SumatraPDF provided an easy way to do this, such as selecting the page(s) in the LHS tree > right-click > Export as pictures.


I know it is not an ideal workaround but if you switch to single page mode,
Then you can one by one right click each page and Select All and repeat with Copy Selection
If you keep a copy of MSPaint active you can paste each page one at a time and save as an image. This is a method I use daily, so for me it works well to collect single page snippets.

The selection does not need to be a full single page, it could be an embedded image or a choice of area, however it is the historic limitation of windows clipboard that restricts your choice to one page max. You can if necessary increase the MSpaint working area and paste multiple clipboard areas one at a time for say an A3 two page spread.

To always extract say pages 5-7 you can use a command line to print to the windows PDF printer but for variable selections you would need to be much more creative to add an “external” batch file that allows for say “this page I am looking at and the next two”


This is indeed how I do it, but it’d be nice to be able to select one or more pages in the treelist with CTRL/SHIFT, right click, export as PNG or PDF.

Incidently, the CutePDF driver supports dashes and commas, eg. pages “6-10,12,18,21-25”.

If you’re on Win10 haven’t you started using Clipboard History yet?