[Request] A more pleasant icon


HI, I logged expressly to ask if it would be possible to improve the main icon? I always change it on my computer. I understand the need for alerting yellow-black but the outcome is not exactly splendid. Maybe I can come up with a version of my own but first I must ask if there is in demand.
Thanks anyway


I’m not opposed to using a better icon.

That being said “better” is subjective so there’s no guarantee that we both agree what better icon is and it would have to be significantly better to justify changing it.


Oh yes, there is demand all right, going back many, many years. Much more so for the document icons than the main program icon of course, but that’s understandable. If you’re a graphic designer then by all means I’d say share your complete icon set for the program. Similar/related icons for the program and all the supported formats that are easily recognizable, look good at all sizes including tiny 16x16 onwards and so on would be really appreciated, and then the dev and we the community can give our comments. I’m sure it would be great for any designer to see his work being accepted to represent a popular program that’s used by tons of people all around the world.


Chiming in to also request better icons. Honestly the glaring yellow is terrible and is in desperate need of a modern icon set.