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Remove Temporary Highlights

In previous version, I can retouch A key remove temporary highlight when file didn’t save. But now in the v3.3.12630 I am no longer be able to retouch A key remove temporary highlight. Dose anybody know how to remove temporary highlight when didn’t save document. Thanks.

Highlights and annotation in general is going through masive changes
When you add highlights they are first written to a filename.pdf.smx file

If you see that file you can delete it and the highlights should all disappear, or you can make edits with notepad to remove seperate entries.

Only when you “save as” with older versions would it write them into the pdf.

I am about to test 3.3.12630 to see how that version is currently working

It is different to previous versions in that save annotations does correctly build the smx file however save as is not correctly adding those annotations to the new copy.pdf (which is part of current changes)

This is great, but when I use previous version like v3.2.12280 that could retouch A key remove highlights. But in this version I can’t do this anymove, so I want know is there any way to remove highlights when I haven’t saved the document.

Unfortunatly you can no longer use A to remove (which was a problem with blocks generated using CTRL and left button) the delete function is on its way see below so one quick way to remove is find the correct entry in the smx file and delete that block

the page number is obvious but to see which block you need to use M for measure tool to check it is the one at approx 14 pt across and 6 pt down

Issue raised at

and has now been activated see below

Just for you :slightly_smiling_face: this has been prioritised and you can test using dailybuilds 3.3.12650 or later. DO follow the step by step below to ensure you understand some limitations.

The Highlight / Annotations features have always been experimental and are undergoing significant expansion to include all types.

Eventually the features should equal or better those in MuPDF-GL
One intent has been to keep any historic SumatraPDF “Highlights” functions active throughout those changes.

The current Pre-release and Daily may occasionally hiccup during the transition, so always keep a working backup (e.g. a portable exe) since the current “Daily” version can even change several times in a day or not be changed for days on end.

Warning if you have large numbers of highlights then as you go along making changes, keep frequent backup copies of the .smx files, nothing worse than having to spend hours rebuilding all those edits.

State of Play in daily version 3.3.12654

Highlight works either by text selection or CTRL+ Left button to define an area then press A

Here I have previously used advanced options to set Color to full on red (note default opacity is still 0.8 and the default color is a shade of yellow) also I always recommend change to save = false

AnnotationDefaults [
    HighlightColor = #ff0000
    SaveIntoDocument = false

At this point I can make additions or changes but they first need to be temporarily saved using “Save Annotations” This ensures they don’t disappear during a Refresh (which currently is a bit temperamental and can discard those that are un”saved”)
The result should be a metafile in the folder alongside the PDF of CurrentFileName.pdf.smx. If I wish to change one block to another color or delete them I can now use Edit Annotations
NOTE AT THIS TIME in this version do not use “Save changes to PDF” they won’t currently work as expected and delete does not instantly make the highlight disappear
Also changing colors will strengthen them to Opacity 1.0
close the annotation editor and right click to access “Save Annotations” again
This ensures the changes are saved in the .smx file (including the invisible deletions)

NOW PRESS [R] to reload the changes and deleted items will disappear
You can now resume adding more highlights or make further changes.
At no time, using this method, is the source PDF altered (only the smx file)

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