Readability help suggestion?


Please add my problem to the track of unreadable lines in PDFs.

I am an electronics hardware user and I use Sumatra to read technical PDFs.
This URL links to a memory chip that I use:

If you slide down on the “Bookmarks” menu to where it says
"Page Mode Write Waveforms (1)(2)"
and click on the link, you can see what the “write” waveforms should look like.

Now if you simply slide the viewer down to the next page:

“Chip Erase Waveforms”

you will see that these waveforms are almost unreadable even
though they are on the very next page in the same document
on the same platform!

Can someone explain why?

Right now, my only recourse is to screen capture the image and
load it into XnView, crop it, and change the gamma to 0.3 and then
save the image into a directory where I saved the PDF in order to keep them together.

[Feature request] Minimum line width

The problem lies partly with SumatraPDF partly with MuPDF since native MuPDF has a milder problem with the same objects

The real culprit is Atmel using PDF as a technical document format and whoever they used to Check their Technical Authors since the same problem exists throughout their data sheets see AT28C16 for similar diagrams on the same page

One is drawn using a 0.2 point rule and the other is 0.1 points (BAD BAD ROBOTS :frowning: )

When the weights are anti-aliased in a pixel; format the thinner one naturally becomes more white than black

This is related to