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PDF colors inverted (B/W) when pressing 'i'


I’ve recently updated to the latest v3.4.14028 64-bit pre-release from another several-months-old pre-release version.

Pressing 'i' should “show page information in full screen/presentation mode”, as the manual puts it. This used to work very nicely in all previous Sumatra versions I’ve used. However, since the recent update, pressing 'i' inverts PDF color (exchanging black and white). See example in the below image.



Yes invert is because everyone clamoured for a fast way to internally -invert-colors.

Info is Shifted

Oh! That clarified things up. :sweat_smile:

Could the manual be updated accordingly, for those few who do bother reading it? :wink:

Documentation is for released version. This change is only in pre-release version.

I see. So this ticket can be closed. Thanks @kjk!

It would have been nice if the toolbar and scrolling bar also inverts when we invert the documents. Or new theme like Light and Dark for the entire app.


and Anyway to hide or change the color of scrollbar?

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Hmm, I just don’t want to install another app just for this. Well I can live without the dark theme lol.