Not remembering opened files


I am using the PC version of Sumatra. Recently, the program stopped remembering my opened files. When I load the program, it provides a grid of recent files instead of just opening those files.


Never mind, The program is working correctly again. (I didn’t do anything.)


It is possible your SumatraPDF-settings.txt file was corrupted or deleted (sometimes happens when windows reboots without closing SumatraPDF cleanly). The file is rebuilt at next start-up, but your history may be wiped-out. If you have a regular set of files in your history It may help to back-up the settings file in case it needs replacing in that preferred state. the file is either alongside SumatraPDF.exe (if portable use) or if installed its in your %appdata%\SumatraPDF folder

Since you say “recent” files were still listed on front screen it is more likely the “remember opened files” setting was disturbed, rather than the file being corrupted ?


The problem has returned. How do I adjust the “remember opened files” setting?


It fixed itself again.