No Changelog for 3.2.11063?


I looked through recent commits on Github but couldn’t understand which belongs to this release.

+The Version’s text is Misaligned:


The text misalignment looks to be due to the scaling level you’ve set.

11063 includes a fix for this bug among (possibly) other things.


this is Windows 10’s default.
250% scaling on 4K


Are you using portable or installed variant , my cheap monitor will not let me go to 250 but portable on 10x64 works fine at 175% (not recommended)

If your using custom scaling on main monitor I would suggest 200% may cause less problems with many apps as it = simpler 2x


I see, it’s a 15.6 inch 2015 Asus laptop monitor (less than 1000$ at the time, so not very expensive I assume :slight_smile:)