New feature request: night mode


It would be great to have a “Night Mode” option available on top of any PDF doc, somewhere.
I believe that most people knew/saw similar feature in many other applications. Essentially the “Night Mode” switches a) background to dark color (very dark or even black), and b) font color to light color (grey 10%, white could be too bright).
This option is valid for 1) people who read a lot and 2) during presentation (the “.” view option works somehow odd or does not work for me).
I have not found such option in Sumatra PDF, i hope i did not miss anything.

Best Regards, Andrzej.


There are a number of previous discussions on the “old forum” see


Thank you for hints.
But these are kind of work-arounds.
I am voting here for a regular option.

BR. /A.


I add to this request. It’s a shame that this reader doesn’t have such option.


I concur! It would be most helpful :slight_smile:


The best way to achieve a night mode would be to put in some preset colors for multiple themes. Common ones would be light (which is current standard), dark (which inverts colors), and an intermediate gray theme (ex. TextColor = #ffffff , BackgroundColor = #6e6e6e). This is just an opinion. An additional option would be to add a Custom where the user could input the hex values for desired colors. If someone were to put in bad color values so that nothing was visible, then they could reinstall or alter the Advanced Settings file.