Multiple Word Select

It is very common to allow the same action with double click and drag as works with click and drag, but it selects whole words. I continually find myself trying to do this with PDF documents only to find I’ve only selected a single word and the drag does nothing.

Why not work like the majority of programs and support double click and drag? It would make using Sumatra much more like the rest of the world and not make the user think about Sumatra differently.

I will say I am very happy with Sumatra. It’s a great program and I’m glad it was developed. It just has a very few nits that I don’t care for.

Link to ancient topic #1, which seems to indicate that this bug was introduced more than half a decade (!) ago (see the last comment):

Link to ancient topic #2:

Finally, a link to a comparatively ‘recent’ 4+ year old issue on GitHub:

Unfortunately there are a few conflicting issues here

Double click has since the days of TeX Enhancement equalled triggering reverse/inverse search (and is desirable for that function, albeit by a significant minority of users)

Touch screen selection was never developed beyond some experimental phases.

Multi word text selection has AFAIK always been possible when using the mouse by single click and drag, in the same way as variable image area selection is triggered by using control with single click and drag

Yes, the OP knows that (as I guess do we all :slight_smile:), but as he says there’s a difference between single-click+drag and double-click+drag, and sometimes the latter is useful.