Sumatra PDF is a PDF, ePub, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ, CBR reader for Windows

More pleasant application icon(s)

HI, I logged expressly to ask if it would be possible to improve the main icon? I always change it on my computer. I understand the need for alerting yellow-black but the outcome is not exactly splendid. Maybe I can come up with a version of my own but first I must ask if there is in demand.
Thanks anyway

I’m not opposed to using a better icon.

That being said “better” is subjective so there’s no guarantee that we both agree what better icon is and it would have to be significantly better to justify changing it.

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Oh yes, there is demand all right, going back many, many years. Much more so for the document icons than the main program icon of course, but that’s understandable. If you’re a graphic designer then by all means I’d say share your complete icon set for the program. Similar/related icons for the program and all the supported formats that are easily recognizable, look good at all sizes including tiny 16x16 onwards and so on would be really appreciated, and then the dev and we the community can give our comments. I’m sure it would be great for any designer to see his work being accepted to represent a popular program that’s used by tons of people all around the world.

Chiming in to also request better icons. Honestly the glaring yellow is terrible and is in desperate need of a modern icon set.


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Hello there,
SumatraPDF PDF Reader is a super program.
I love it very much, thank you.
But when it is the default program, it will be much more beautiful if the icon changes according to the extension, so for PDF, ePub, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ, CBR, each icon will be very beautiful.

(My english is so bad i apologize for this)

Not an unreasonable idea at first glance,

That problem is covered by an open issue on GitHub

It goes much deeper than it looks since there is also txt azw azw3 prc oxps xod jpg png tif tga bmp dib htm html zip … … … … … … … and thats just a few more

What about its own files like .smx .bkm … etc

Perhaps for now just one bright yellow one will do to indicate the default files handled by ONE image application?
MS screwed up by having a different image icon for their Edge app compared to the traditional image When compared to most of their other apps e.g. NotePad or image i.e ONE icon suits all the different file types each app handles.

IMO they finally did something right. Using a common icon for all the possibly gazillion file types supported by an app is a ridiculous and lazy way of doing things. Now I don’t blame Notepad and Paint so much because they’re ancient apps that until recently were basically left untouched for decades and date back to when they possibly just handled .txt/.doc (not the Word .doc) and .bmp/.pcx respectively. However if a modern app like say my video player were to start doing this it would drive me nuts. It supports a whole bunch of audio/video formats, and the fact that it has a unique (yet similar) icon and file type description for each means I can sort properly by type in Explorer and also immediately tell at a glance what I’m working with. Maybe some folks don’t care about having different file formats all bunched together and looking the same, but others (including me obviously) certainly do.

The ideal situation for me would be for Sumatra’s EXE or a separate DLL containing distinct icons for each supported file type, all following a common design theme of course. That way I would no longer have to assign my own icons every time manually when installing the app for the first time and associating it with file types of my choosing (well actually I have a .reg for it, but the point’s still valid).

Perhaps instead of waiting indefinitely for some graphics designer to custom design and contribute a bunch of icons, it might be better to just pick from some free set and go ahead, or possibly even commission a set.