Missing Gray Scaling but looks correct with Adobe


Hi, I have uploaded an example, Trying to work out why the one on the right opened with Adobe Reader is rendered correctly?


Anyone able to help with this?


I see only 1 png here so if I load that into Sumatra the rh half will be dark and the lh will be light others would need a safe link to the source to see if it is a problem file ?


Hi, that is a screen shot of the same PDF in Sumatra and Adobe side by side.

Link to file here - http://files.happen.biz/downloads/Pdf_issue.pdf


Agreed it seems to be localised to SumatraPDF colour handling,
since MuPDF (SumatraPDFs engine) will show it as expected

best to raise a bug report for @kjk on https://github.com/sumatrapdfreader/sumatrapdf/issues