Sumatra PDF is a PDF, ePub, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ, CBR reader for Windows

License - Commercial use / Distribution with 3rd Party Software

@kjk Can I embeded sumatrapdf reader to my desktop application in my own window for reading pdf and copying text or image in business use for free?

That is not allowed by GPL license.

So how could I use it it business? thanks.

If you read the License and think would Adobe or Artifex (the MuPDF code owners) let me abuse their program by imbedding in mine ?

Then ask
May I let my business users have copies of SumatraPDF Application (Just like Acrobat Reader) to read PDF (etc) and copy text or images as they decide, then the answer may be different.

so If the part of my desktop application which use SumatraPDF under the same GPL license, should it ok?

Yes, the basic of GPL license is: if you use someone else’s GPL code (e.g. Sumatra’s code) you have to make your application also available under GPL license.

However, there is no such thing as “part of my application”.

You can’t say “those 100 lines of my application are under GPL but the rest isn’t”.

Either the whole application is under GPL license or none of it is.

By incorporating GPL licensed code you must license the whole application under GPL.

If you don’t want to do that, then you can’t use other peoples GPL code in your application.

@kjk OK, Thank you very much.


I am one of the main developers of Xailer which is a visual development environment for Xbase users, using the Harbour-project open source xBase compiler.

Our users, for a long time, have requested a control to view and print PDF documents. We have tried many alternatives, but none is comparable with Sumatra PDF. We would love to be able to distribute the Sumatra PDF binaries (with absolutely all the requirements of your license) along with our product and that our users can also distribute it with the software they make, also complying with all the requirements of the license.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, we are a little bit confused about the AGPLv3 and BSD mixing licenses, but we do not want to do anything not authorized.

Thanks in advance.

I am not an authority on the subject of mixing licences, nor the developer of SumatraPDF to be quoted as permitting a licence.

However, in general handing copies of unmodified binaries over free of charge should be no issue. See the answers from KJK above.

Whilst you may be charging for an overall service, the handover of copies is in effect no different to a user paying an employee to download copies for corporate use. It should be clear they can use any other product since SumatraPDF is not directly bound or embedded into your software. The main requirement in this case is “unmodified” binaries (i.e. includes standard icons, branding etc.) and not supplied for a fee.
Ideally you should provide the first port of call for any overall support issues, without a direct fee for this one component.

If you don’t modify the SumatraPDF, you can include it with your software.

If you do modify SumatraPDF code or use its code, you have to conform to AGPLv3 license, which means also providing the code of the derived / combined software.

SumatraPDF license is AGPLv3. Some code is under more permissive BSD license but the whole is governed by more restrictive AGPLv3.

Thank u made this software that easy to use, clean and light.
I’m a IT manager, I want use it in my company to replace the Acrobat Reader.
May I use Sumatara in business for free? Or I must get a license?
Forgave my pool English.

You can use it for free.

Hello, I have noob question. I have used sumatra for a years and I have grown quite fond of it simplicity, quick responce etc. But, I have started working on a city office and have conflict with their IT department. Its personal because, they are pretty lazy and refused to let me install sumatra on my personal working pc without EULA stating its free software and usable for work pc on city office. But I couldnt find EULA for sumatra anywhere :(. Could you please help me.

There WAS some past controversy over a previous version classed unfairly by one organisation as not “fully open” the current version is recognised as both free and open. it is covered by the source licenses ((A)GPLv3 license, with some code under BSD license (see AUTHORS at

As Open source it is “free” for your personal use (thus no need for a EULA) but you must abide with any license limitations in a commercial setting (although KJK is fairly relaxed about simple compliant usage). Also see posts above.

The products we are shipping include an instrument controlled by a computer. The computer is set up before shipment with the appropriate software.
Can I pre install SumatraPDF on the computer so our customers can use it to read XPS files?

Thanks in advance.

I am not one of the developers so do not quote me :slight_smile:, but general terms are not to badge it as your own, however it is best if you can field the first level queries since you are installing it in bulk.

Yes, you can do that.

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I have a question about the SumatraPDF license.
Is it allowed to distribute SumatraPDF within a commercial software?
SumatraPDF (Portable Version) will be stored inside the Application directory of the commercial software.
I will use the prebuild binarys (I’m not changing or using the source code)
Is this allowed?
Are there any requirements on my Application? (license etc.)

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Please see the above comments however in general
If the distribution / installation is “bundled unmodified” (code is not embedded) then it is most likely compliant. Attribution and or donation is up to you but all the license conditions must be maintained e.g. No modification of the portable exe
On a personal basis (to reduce forum support issues) you should request client / users to direct any first enquiries through yourself.

As long as you distributed unchanged binary, all that is allowed, free of charge.

Distributing unmodified Sumatra doesn’t add any requirements to your software.

That being said, consider becoming a Corporate Sponsor on Patreon ( to help us continue improving Sumatra in the future.