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I am developing a tiny software that will generate a receipt.pdf and I would like to use Sumatra PDF to read this receipt.pdf, is possible? If yes how can i distribute the Sumatra PDF binary? A directory with the binary and a license file?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, you can distribute Sumatra this way.


This is great! Do you have a specific license file that should be included with SumatraPDF.exe?


you should give a hint as to intended usage since if you intend commercial gain from mods to the open source you need to honour Artiflex AGPL and open source your application, however if you are “NOT” modifying SumatraPDF.EXE then KJK will usually OK that without further restriction (so best to give more detail)
see how others have requested clarification in and the links therein

It is good etiquette to attribute the AGPLv3 / source and authors (see file)


We’re not planning any modifications, but instead want to bundle SumatraPDF to print PDFs from the command line. The AUTHORS, COPYING, and COPYING.BSD files are exactly what I was looking for and will absolutely include them with our application.


Not wishing to put you off, others have done similar and come back with printing issues
(search old and current forum for “print”) Consider using version 3.0.exe which is less memory intensive


Thanks, I’ll look around. Our use case is to print a small, single paged-document with each instance of the application, so we should be ok. Specifically, we’re printing a label to a Dymo device which measures no more than 2x4 inches with mostly text and perhaps a graphic or two.


If the graphics are client provided rather than of your making
then consider using pre release (i.e. less open to jpg exploit)


Hello Guys
I am a very small developer.
If i use sumatra pdf in my windows product
When i sell my copies is it ok if sumatra pdf reader qhich is includwd for pdf functions goes along.
Hope no license is required

I am not selling sumatra pdf as a seprate plug in


@Rajen: You can read the developer’s response above.