Licence, EULA stating that sumatra is Free for users in a business


Hello, I have noob question. I have used sumatra for a years and I have grown quite fond of it simplicity, quick responce etc. But, I have started working on a city office and have conflict with their IT department. Its personal because, they are pretty lazy and refused to let me install sumatra on my personal working pc without EULA stating its free software and usable for work pc on city office. But I couldnt find EULA for sumatra anywhere :(. Could you please help me.


there WAS some past controversy over a previous version classed unfairly by one organisation as not “fully open” the current version is recognised as both free and open. it is covered by the source licenses ((A)GPLv3 license, with some code under BSD license (see AUTHORS).
As Open source it is “free” for your personal use (thus no need for a EULA) but you must abide with any license limitations in a commercial setting (although KJK is fairly relaxed about simple compliant usage) search other forum threads such as For Business Use