Is anyone doing new UI icons?

Hey folks - been using SumatraPDF for years and I’m all about it.

I’m wondering if there’s anyone doing new UI icons, or anyone interested? (The old ones in 3.2 anyway are looking pretty ratty, especially on higher DPI). I could have them done if so, just need to know what the specs you need.

I guess you are referring to Menu bar with 8-bit graphics

Many suggestions / requests to improve the problem is current (old) 95 code only allows for bmp (no translucency like from vista to Win8, but win10 uses flat colour anyway) current shape is fixed as square number say 24x24 pixel or If needing glasses like me use 48x48 fields.

Ideally code need to be changed for svg icons but that’s a big ask. see

The buttons on the UI interface are really ugly
I tried to replace it, but it will still be bad.
The program sets a BMP image of 12x12 DPI…

I do not know what app you are using to set the res at 12 dpi ! the image is best set 32 pixels hight then you can expect this resolution using your avitar to replace the arrows (admitedly not brilliant as I am no Iconic artist)


Since I decided I liked the cleaner style of a single colour I did a full set that are easier to change to say red or blue etc here I am using one of each whilst opening the file at two locations at the same time.

Here is the template for the blue copy save it as toolbar_11.bmp (you may need to save it first as .png then use MS paint to resave as .bmp size should be 416 x 32 pixels)

This seems to be the most relevant forum thread, but I may be mistaken. So I am too facing an issue with toolbar icon quality at High DPI displays, and figured I could embrace the upscaling with pixelated icons. Right click to save as .png and use MS Paint or other software to save as .bmp, then put that file in the same folder with SumatraPDF-settings.txt to change the toolbar icons:

While making this, I also drafted a 192px high version with alpha transparency, based on Material Design icons:

Of course, due to the issues with scaling the graphics mentioned earlier in this thread, it’s not usable as is.

@Arty2 your personal toolbars are reasonably good ,but I would personally suggest they would look better at a base size of 416x32

Then I get a reasonable choice from either of these in black/white

P.S. the icon on the right (t T) should show an upper and lower case letter rather than two sizes of caps.
I later found I did not clean up the second example correctly so here are both slightly modified renderings

@GitHubRulesOK Appreciate the feedback! I’ve changed the first set’s case-sensitivity icon to (Greek or italic alpha is easier to render in less pixels). Also tweaked the other ones slightly.


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