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Increasing comment visibility period

I receive PDFs from clients that have been marked up in other software with comments. Is there any way to read these comments? I haven’t found anything in the documenation, menus or discussion forum. If there is any info on this I’d appreciate it.

Thank you.

Ol Poot

oh man. Just hover over them and the text shows up… dang it. Sorry. Is there a way to delete a post… ^^

Hello! Is it possible to search in the comments? That would be really useful for me…


Love this PDF software! Its really fast!

I was wondering if there is a way or a simple tweak to increase the duration of the tooltip when I hover over a comment? Some of the comments in my PDF can be very long (paragraphs), and I can barely get through a few sentences and the comment will disappear. I can hover back over the comment for it to display again, but I have to find my place in the block of text and continue reading, and it’ll disappear again. If there is a way to lock the comment’s visibility or increase the tooltip time, I’d love to know! It would be super helpful to me!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, currently there’s no way to do that.

@powerpuff88: You can +1 and add your comments to this issue on GitHub:

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Thanks for bringing this forward! I sure will!

comment pop up just vanishes after few second is there any way to stop it

Unfortunately display is tied to a Tooltip System Timer that has a maximum timeout of 5000 milliseconds.

It has already been raised as an issue and request to change:

Further discussion regarding this on the GitHub issue linked to above.


The current daily pre-release and going forward the next release after version 3.2 will have the current 32k maximum value of 32767 milliseconds