How to prevent the taskbar from hiding?

From time to time, the taskbar disappears (I don;t know, some accidental shortcut?) - how to prevent it? It is to be visible to me forever and ever.

Just take care not to press either F5 (Presentation mode) or F11/Ctrl+L (Fullscreen mode). :slight_smile:

@Danielsam The on / off key for toolbar is F8

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Hmm, didn’t even occur to me that he might have meant “toolbar” when he wrote “taskbar”!

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@SumatraPeter thats why its good that you correct remind me on similar occassions :blush:

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Thanks, F8 is what I need. Strange, that it is not shown in menu.

Agreed it is odd that the shortcut was not shown on earlier versions including official 3.1.2 but seems now to be corrected in recent builds, however I wonder which version you are using as your presentation / fullscreen entries differ from recent official versions. Those shortcuts were changed about version 3.0

I use the best 2.5.2. 3.x is terrible.

‘Terrible’ is quite a strong word to use! Any pointers on what precisely it is about 3.x that ticks you off so much? :slight_smile: Any constructive suggestions you have are sure to be appreciated.

Terrible, due to loss of ergonomics. Google came up with three lines as a menu or settings, so we unknowingly copy them to our program, because we want to be trendy, but the fact that then you have to click 2 or 3 times more, it doesn’t matter, the most important is to look seemingly nicer.

Some things unfortunately become the norm, but yes, I do get what you are saying. I suppose your problem will be solved if the program ever allows the menu bar and tabs to be displayed together:

That said, since I’m primarily an old-school keyboard-first user, I love the fact that I can bypass the hamburger menu altogether simply by pressing Alt+F for instance and having the File menu open up just like before, and similarly for all the other top-level menus such as View, Go To, Settings, Help and Window. Keyboard accelerators/shortcuts FTW! :grinning:

I am a bit confused by your statement that 2.5 “looks” different to 3.1.2 (current release) when the option Use Tabs is off they should look similar

True, but since he’s talking specifically about how he dislikes the “three lines” i.e. hamburger menu, guess he was trying to use 3.x with tabs. And as you’ve yourself stated on that GitHub issue, currently only exploiting buggy behavior seems to allow for both tabs and menu bar together.

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