[HOW TO] Generate PDF WITHOUT print driver


I am not affiliated with any of the products mentioned, nor are my comments intended to promote any solution as beter than another

I usually use “office” type applications such as Libra / King / Microsoft / Free / Soft office daily and have licenced Adobe Products in my own name.

However, many times I need to build a PDFquickly or simply (e.g. a one page invoice) without installing PDF system drivers or other registered software on client machines.

There are many ways to run portable office suites from a USB stick but sometimes you just want a simple lightweight throwaway solution

One of the lightest downloads @ 1.14 MB (3.09 expanded) is Sybrex Systems - EzeePDF version 3.7 (internally © 2007

With this simple app you can take simple text and images move them around as an RTF file and save them as a complex PDF (with protection if you think thats worth it :slight_smile: )

Purely as an test example for how changes are instantly shown in SumatraPDF during saved PDF outputs whilst editing, I took their readme.txt inserted a few cellular tables and their logos in this screenshot

The key feature for me is that the text is selectable (not simply IMG to PDF as with some converters)

If you have other similar SIMPLE solutions to generate files (eg e-pub) for use with SumatraPDF you wish to share, post them here