How do I open a web document?


When I navigate to a web page that requires a DjVu viewer I get an error message even after installing and opening Sumatra. I use Mozilla but have also tried Chrome and Explorer. Is there a way to copy the URL into Sumatra? I wasn’t able to find such a feature. It is probably something simple and I lack the experience. I hope someone can help. Below is the link if it helps to have an example (old Italian newspaper).

Thanks very much!


DjVu files are often DRM protected

The link you give seems to lead to such a small stub that requires the server to allow you to see further data

To test sumatra can load a standard djvu file tell it to open the following url and check it works

a similar example of the type files you are trying to download can be found on the following page where the browser can load the DRM stub as FASC ( fascicules) OR you can download the document as a zip full of djvu files that sumatrapdf WILL open locally


Some observations:

  1. Sumatra no longer provides a browser plugin (it used to have one for Firefox but that’s long gone).

  2. Even after saving that DJVU locally and opening it Sumatra says it “Couldn’t render the page”, so I guess the app has an issue with this specific file or others like it (probably they’re DRM-protected) and not with DJVUs in general.


I looked at this file. It’s not DRM encrypted but it’s a special index type of djvu file that only points to 4 other files.

If those 4 files were present on the disk, Sumatra would open them.

Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to download them from that page. I figured out that e.g. the first referenced file is but unfortunately the name recorded in the index file is 00DD18981126_2700000300000058000001.djvu and Sumatra doesn’t know that it’s relative to (and even if it knew, we don’t have code to load data from websites, only from disk).

In other words this website is obsolete. Browser plugins are no longer supported and they should allow downloading the actual .djvu files with content.