How can I delete highlights after using "save as" PDF?

I try it just now find that highlights can’t be delete.Is there anybody knows how to delete highlights when PDF had save?

Usually you are warned NOT to save into file, until you are working on a copy or sure you need to. So first check if SaveIntoDocument is set true then change to false

in advanced options see if you have
SaveIntoDocument = true

change it so it reads

AnnotationDefaults [
HighlightColor = #ffff60
SaveIntoDocument = false

IF you have used SumatraPDF with SaveIntoDocument = false then it is easy to edit or delete the .SMX file (deleting it will remove all highlights). This restores the master file without any changes.

IF you use Acrobat / MuPDF or any other highlighting editor (including SumatraPDF SaveIntoDocument = true) then only a third party tool can remove the highlights. (Take a copy in-case it fails to restore the original.)

Since most annotation tools usually append the highlights at the end of the pdf file it is usually a simple case of removing all edits after the EOF marker in the initial file. Many pdf manipulation utilities can do that. Some are beter than others at healing the file such that it matches the source file.

Since it is MuPdf that does the writing it is easy to download a copy of mupdf version 1.14 or 1.15 or 1.16 and using a(nnotation) in mupdf-gl easily select the highlights to delete

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