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Having e-book character / font / letter problems

i try to customize the fonts, but i can’t use fonts with spaces in their names, for example:
Comic Sans will not work
Arial does work
i have tried everything i could think of, doing it with spaces, doing it without spaces, using the _ character as spaces, i have not gotten any results, please help


Please note the Font name is intended only for e-pub files
the name you need is Comic Sans MS

see attached view of same e-pub in Arial and Comic Sans MS

i did what you said and my problem was solved, thank you!

Glad to help
Your Welcome

My SumatraPDF default font Georgia.
When I read file epub, I got an error font vietnamese. But my file MS Word don’t error font for vietnamese? Why???

What is the exact error shown? Please attach a screenshot if possible.

Can you share the EPUB in question?

The font Georgia is biased towards “western” characters and may not have suitable glyphs for CJK (Eastern) characters so may be showing boxes or even incorrect characters

There are many eastern fonts that may be better as a default for your needs and often I will replace the entry with “sim sun” or similar for testing.

The problem is to find one that’s the best fit for your language + the authors language + your visual taste

  1. Georgia supports codepages for European countries (using Latin, Greek or Cyrillic scripts). If anyone doesn’t like Times New Roman or FreeSerif, Cambria also supports Vietnamese codepage (and Armenian script and many special characters).
  2. Vietnamese currently uses Latin-based alphabet, not CJK. However, Han (classical Chinese) and Chữ Nôm (previous Chinese-based writing system) may be still in use.
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If you contrast the background with foreground of attached image, Sumatra seems to be having trouble rendering non-standard letter, note, for example, the heading “Tyre and Sidon”, the latter word is replaced by a square box. Note same title in Icecream reader, which, although I use, I prefer Sumatra. Also, the word 'Hiram" is missing the first letter in Sumatra. In both cases here there is a diacritic below the letter ignored by Sumatra

SumatraPDF is in e-book mode where it essentially uses one font
Often a font is not specified within an e-book since it is down to the characters built into a device. However it requires that the glyphs be available In whichever font is in use.

Here I have simply used Arial as a replacement in the advanced settings for the default of Georgia with these letters. (other system fonts in your PC may be more suited to other locale based material)

EbookUI [
	FontName = Arial
	FontSize = 13
	TextColor = #5f4b32
	BackgroundColor = #fbf0d9
	UseFixedPageUI = false

Georgia image
Arial, Calibri or Segoe UI image
Note that Usher suggests you could try
Cambria image

Thanks for those suggestions. I tried Arial which rendered the recalcitrant letters correctly, but it’s not as easy a font on the eyes for screen reading. So I’ve tried the serif font, Cambria, and I prefer that to ease eye strain. And it renders those odd non-standard letters/diacritics correctly too. Thanks to everyone. It would be nice if this was made a little easier to do, however. Especially if people are a bit frightened by manually changing things. But, all is good.