Filling out forms


Hello can you add a feature to let us fill out forms and signatures on PDF files?


Obviously, it’s possible, but realistically, won’t happen any time soon, if ever.


And only fill out forms? I have installed Adobe Reader just to be able to make this.

I use PDFs created by me exporting LibreOffice Write documents as PDF Forms. I open them, write the text box fields with the data I need and print them directly (I don’t even save the filled PDF).

I use Sumatra PDF as default for PDF files and is fast and light but cannot fill out these files. Maybe implement just filling text fields? I suppose signatures is another league.


It’s not that easy. Some forms can have field visibility controlled by JavaScript, so Sumatra can’t display those without implementing JS support too. There are lots of other quirks as well. In any case displaying form fields without being able to save the entered text will just end up confusing/fooling people and there’ll be tons of complaints inevitably about such a half-arsed implementation.

Can’t you enter the text directly in the fields of the original Write documents, then print those?


I use PDF because I share the forms with other people who neither haven’t got LibreOffice installed nor willing to (anyway, I wouldn’t want them to edit the documents) but they all have Adobe Reader. But, for me, I’d rather get rid of it at all. Too bad. Thanks anyway.

By the way, regarding to saving the resulting PDF, you can always virtually print it to a PDF Printer (PDFCreator or the like).