[Feature Request] Toolbar Rotate 90° button


I’d love to see a simple rotate 90° right button at the main toolbar.
I know there is a keyboard shortcut but most users I know are not used to it and rotating a documents is an everyday task.


I’ll second this request. I recently switched to Sumatra but I’m frustrated by the lack of this basic function on the main toolbar.


Dare I mention :slight_smile: that until a custom menu plugin is added you could use third party apps such as barnacle

It was not too dificult to configure for SumatraPDF but it is takes some trial and error, below it is tested on XP, (blindingly fast) unknown how it behaves on newer windoze that was a later version 2.5 of SumatraPDF and it works well with 3.1Zeniko build
It is more difficult to modify banacle to work with a recent SumatraPDF 3+ (even with tabs off) without changing barnacles source code (as supplied with its app)

see https://www.dcmembers.com/skrommel/download/barnacle/