[FEATURE REQUEST] Multi Window/ Dragable Tabs


Hi, I’d like to make a suggestion!
I’m sometimes working with a bunch of PDFs at once and every once in a while I need to compare the files.
Since I’m on Windows 10 I’m also using its mutliple Desktop Feature to have a cleaner categorization for my work.

However, previously I was using a Web Browser to view my PDFs so I was constantly dragging them across the screen in tabs.
Sometimes I need to open one file on one Desktop and later another one on the other Desktop, in an own window(this is not possible atm)!

Therefore I’d like to suggest implementing a multiple Window View(or dragable Tabs) for this program because I think it would make it even more convenient!

Thanks and keep up the great work!


This and other tabbed view improvements have been in the planning stage ever since the devs thought of implementing tabs, but I’m not sure if it will ever be implemented unless someone contributes the necessary code to the project.