[Feature Request] Goto bookmark commandLine support


It would be great if a calling program could specify from the command line a jump to a bookmark with the name, similar to moving to a page with the specified number

sumatraPdf.exe test.pdf -bookmark Bookmark1
sumatraPdf.exe test.pdf -bookmark "My Bookmark"



Similar to acrobat these are called “named” destinations,

you will find that option along with others under the heading "Navigation options"
on the folowing page https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/docs/Command-line-arguments.html
so for your example it would be

“SumatraPdf.exe” -named-dest “My Bookmark” “test.pdf”

beware you MAY need all the quote marks as shown for filepath / strings wih spaces

note the bookmark MUST usually :slight_smile: be a full bookmark entry including spaces as shown, however there are a few cases where that may not apply, just to trip you up :slight_smile:

ALSO note that the results may NOT always be what you expect, often the page expected is shown but the highlighted entry may not be the one you entered, this is quite common due to overlapping or mis-sychronised / nested Bookmarks, it is better to use the -page ( and -scroll) option rather than bookmarks unless they are very well formed and tested


Thank you very much for clarification