Feature Request: find highlight all and count of found words


Hello everyone,

I first want to thank you for all of the work you’ve done on Sumatra pdf it is a wonderful application that I use a lot as a graduate student. I do have a feature request for the find function. If you’re willing to look into this it would make my workflow a lot quicker when using pdfs or other formats that you support. When I try to find something in a pdf Sumatra will find and highlight only one at a time. I would like to be able to see not only all of the words highlighted but to also have a count of matched words found with the position of the currently highlighted word among those found. Google Chrome, and MS Edge both do this well but Sumatra is just better in many other areas for looking at pdfs. Thank you for your time and work on this wonderful application.


Word count feature has also been requested but couldn’t find the relevant issue.