[Feature Request] Add support for SWF files


I have a PDF file with embedded .SWF files which appear to be animations. I can’t find a viewer, other than Adobe, that will show these files. Clicking on these files in Sumatra just pops up a “Save” dialog. Can support be added so these animations can be viewed in the document rather than having to save them to the hard drive and viewing them in a separate application?

Rick C.


Support for .swf files won’t happen. There is no viable open source code that supports this format and Flash use is rapidly declining.


Ha, I knew playback support for embedded Flash would never be added (plus it might be a security nightmare given the nature of Flash), but thankfully was able to convince Zeniko to add the extraction feature at least. It’s certainly made my job a lot easier over the years.


I have documentation for Dell laptops which use these embedded filetypes. I guess I’ll have to use the Adobe reader.