[Feature Request] Add Support for SVF files


I guess the subject says it all. SVF files are becoming very common these days. Since multiple image formats are supported it would be useful to support SVF files. It would help to make this program the goto program for image viewing.


I guess you mean softsource simple vector .svf rather than serial vector .svf files as used in hardware

As a former tech support manager for many CADD formats I am surprised to hear such an old format is now popular as I have not seen any svf files this century (development did not progress much past 1999) the most common web xchange format is dwf or better still dxf which would make more sense, however I doubt Artiflex/MuPdf will change from supporting .svg as they do at present


This message was posted some time ago. At this point I don’t know if I meant SVF or if I really meant SVG and it was a typo. Oh well, I don’t expect any of the above to be implemented. It was just a thought.

The utility is these formats allow vector graphics to be easily expressed in a way that does not depend at all on the resolution of the image or display. There are many types of images that are best represented as vectors rather than images. When I need to view one of these files it can be a pain to find a good viewer.


I generate daily 3D vector files that represent tens of kilometres and many are output to PDF with mixed results (hence part of my interest in this format)
However I would NOT encourage SumatraPDf to try to go down the vector route since the MuPdf engine is not designed for vectors see the example output of a simple cube .svg
There are many capable free SVG viewers and the simplest I find is Firefox (Portable)