Different print results between GUI and CMD

Good morning,
I have a Zebra 450 CTP label printer that I am trying to print to 4" x 8.25" UPS label stock - our program generates a PDF of the label that is to be printed. The overall label is 4" wide x 8.25" long - the top part of the label is 4" x 6.25", and then there is a perforation for a smaller 4" x 2" label. The labels are designed so that the top portion is the shipping label that will go on a package, the bottom portion contains tracking/shipment $ totals, and other info for the shipper’s records.
I have the Zebra printer set as my default printer and a custom label stock created for 4" x 8.25".
Using the portable version of Sumatra PDF, if I open my Label, and just hit Print, my label prints perfectly.
If I use the command line and call:
C:\SumatraPDF\SumatraPDF.exe -print-to “\spc-temp\ups” “J:/label001.pdf”
The whole label will print but I get weird scaling issues where it is too small.
If i use the command line and call:
C:\SumatraPDF\SumatraPDF.exe -print-to “\spc-temp\ups” -print-settings “noscale” “J:/label001.pdf”
Then the top portion of the label prints fine, but for whatever reason the bottom 2" portion does not print.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Pictures of the different print outs: https://imgur.com/a/MdR9d8u

OK just to update everyone here, figured this out.
Going to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Print Management and then Print Servers, Printers, and then right clicking on the printer in question, there was an option to set the printing defaults.
In there found that the default was set to 4" x 6.5" for whatever reason, which explained the weird label cut off, I set this to 4" x 8.25" for my labels, and it works through command line know.
I can’t explain why the GUI print dialogs aren’t affected by this, they seem to pick up and use the label stocks that are set in the print driver, but the command line seems to grab what the print default here was set to.


Glad you sorted it Windows is a constant shifting problem.
There are several default settings which windows can shift from one app to another the default start-up printer page size etc that windows “gives” to SupatraPDF at start-up may not be the default for another app or the gui settings In other words it may seem like a movable feast. I always suggest for the command line you start with “THE default” setting and work from there.