Differences between one printer and the rest


We are using SumatraPDF to print labels of about 1.5*2 inches.

The source pages themselves are A4, while the content is aligned to the page-top left corner (see attached PDF).

We print using multiple brands of printers.

On all of them the following cmd line prints properly only the label content:

SumatraPDF.exe -print-settings noscale -silent -exit-when-done -print-to “ZDesigner GC420t (EPL)” silentprintJob.PDF

On one specific printer – “Zebra’s GC240t”, when using that line, we receive several empty labels prior to the one with the content (see attached picture).

Oddly, on the same printer, when printing the same label via your UI, using Print->Advanced->Use original page size, the label is printed properly.

How can there be such differences between one printer to the others? And is there an alternative run line that functions as “Use original page size” (our system have to print the labels via cmd)?


Zebra print users commonly have issues that are sometimes resolved by using other drivers (try searching Zebra here and on open & closed github issues)
SumatraPDF depends heavily on windows default settings so it is important that the default page size is set in Windows devices and printers. especially see Print to label printer but orientation is not correct

Having said that there are several options for command line such as paper size the range is limited and smallest is A6
see Silent Print - page size

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