Custom print sizes

Hello. I have a pdf file with dimensions of 100x150 mm, i.e. The format is not standard.
I print through the command line with the parameters
paper = A5, bin = 2 (separate tray with such paper)
I tried all the settings and the parameter “paper = A5” is most suitable for my result. But I get an extra indentation from above (I attach the photo). Can I control the sweeps from above?

Unfortunatly there are so many variable settings down the chain I can’t tell how best to ensure you get the desired result.

In sumatra advanced settings.txt there is the
PrinterDefaults [
PrintScale = shrink
you can try changing that to = none which in some cases may have a different effect to using the -print-settings noscale command line option

there is no “custom paper” setting in SumatraPDF so A5 is the smallest to use but since SumatraPDF relies on the system defaults
The greatest effect is what the default windows printer says is the default page size so that choice in windows usually has greatest effect.
Again a significant factor is the default print driver so for example zebra printer users have reported better results using seagull printer drivers