Copy protection



I noticed that in some documents the text is copied as an image.
It is not convenient, could you please fix it?

For example, in the pdf viewer Evince does not have such problems. I really like your program, and I would like SumatraPDF not to have such problems.


In some PDFs what looks like text is actually an image. Sumatra doesn’t do any text -> image conversion on extraction.

To do image -> text we would have to do OCR but Sumatra can’t do that (because it’s hard).


It is likely 11Mihaylov is referring to “protected” text (from other user comments re no-copy DRM “Evince supports copy protection, but it can be turned off, some distros may turn it off by default”.)

In such cases standard SumatraPDF indicate it will only copy the text as an image (respecting the authors “wishes”)


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