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"Copy (local) link address" adds file:

Recently viewing a pdfTeX + eplain created file with a local figure figure.jpg :


Copy Link Address gives


Clicking in the figure gives the error:

(full file path and name) not found.)

This is just today - been using Sumatra with inverse search for many years!

Previously clicking the figure opened figure.jpg in the default viewer.

Currently version 3.2 - switched from 3.3.13146 updates when I got the error

Unfortunate relative file bug introduced with major overhaul of MuPDF that changed some inter-related abilities. For LaTeX users I would suggest that unless there is a major advantage to you in 3.2, then consider using both 3.1.2 and latest pre-release rather than 3.2.
One could be portable and the other installed or both installed or both portable, those choices are generally exclusive.

Reported 6 months ago, but the dev doesn’t seem to have got around to it yet: