Command line Printing A2 A1 A0



I’m trying to print larger format CAD drawings, like A2 A1 A0, scale 1:1 on our rolplotter. No matter what I try, I only get a part of the document (cropt to A4) printed.
Diving into the “print.cpp” source code, I only find references to A4 and A3 ISO formats.

Does this mean that SumatraPdf does not support commandline printing for this large format documents?

Or am I overlooking something?



as you have observed although within SumatraPDF it can print to whatever the printer driver can accept e.g. A0 or larger
Using the command line the largest result was achieved with paper=A3, I tried every way I can (even using a hex editor) to exceed that without success, it is probably for the best as the resulting print image file sizes would be large.

Depending on the print driver there may be bin sizes such a A0sheet , however I don’t have one here to test the bin=setting

The only solution I can think off at present is to amend the source code to accept other valid page sizes, but that could require further changes to handle any necessary rescaling


Ok, Thanks for the investigation.

I’ll file a new issue in the issuetracker for this.