Cant close final tab issue


Hi Guys,
Firstly, would like to say thanks for creating sumatra pdf, great product and thanks for providing it freely to us all.

Since moving to a new hi res screen, i have a issue where i cant close the final tab, the following picture

shows that the close (x) is covered by a left and right button.

Has anyone else had this issue, if so any help please?


bump, has anyone else had this problem?


Have not seen that behaviour on win XP, 7, 8 or 10 with single or multiple monitors (however I use default scale)
Which OS (version) ? What res screen is “Hi” ? What graphics system/software ? other apps affected ? custom dpi value in Sumatra-settings.txt (advanced settings) ? personal display scale setting ?

[Correction] this was reported as a problem with Win 10 Hires and Scaling set about 200% see

a sugestion from issue #441 is to try